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Why our published price is our best and only price.

08 Sep 2014 | by Benjamin M.

When we started, we had to make a choice between negotiable pricing and fixed pricing. Here is why we chose fixed pricing.

A number of businesses in Ahmedabad expect you to negotiate on their initial price. This means they mark up their offering and give you the protocol discounted version upon further negotations. And why not? Who doesn't love a good bargain?

There are many business models where bargaining works well. In the context of our coworking space, we chose a fixed pricing model because we value transparency and equality.

Coworkers often occupy the space for months, and people talk. We never want to be in a situation where two coworkers compare notes and one of them finds out they've been paying Rs. 1,000 more per month than their peer. We want to create a community that fosters good will towards coworkers and the coworking space. That's why we don't give discounts. The prices printed on our website are our very best price.

How about discounts for teams?

Occasionally, people ask us for volume discount when they come in as a team. We don't offer volume discounts. We worked out a pricing structure that delivers the best value to everyone whether they are freelancing individuals or a small team that is just starting up. Our prices are very competitive when you factor in all the expenses that go into setting up and maintaining an office.

Being a coworking space, we didn't want to penalize individuals for not being part of a bigger team. The cost to us is the same per desk, whether we fill the space with many individuals or a handful of teams.

At some point, teams that grow past a certain size may find it more convenient to move into their own office space. This is a good thing for everyone: It's good for the team because it means their business is thriving. And it's good for the community because the turnover lets new faces into the space. We can't think of a happier outcome than to see a team outgrow us. Those teams that have moved out continue to be a part of the community through our events and the relationships they have formed with other coworkers. Since we offer our space on a month-to-month basis, a team can decide to move out at any time. This is a win-win for everybody.