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What is a coworking space?

It's a shared work space where individuals and very small teams come to work and connect. This is called 'coworking'.

Coworkers are from different professions. They work for different clients and employers.

Membership in a coworking space is month-to-month (kind of like a gym). There are no long-term lock-ins.

Unlike business centers that are formal and corporate, co-working spaces are designed to encourage a strong sense of community.

This video covers the key concepts of coworking.
Look beyond the references to the US, and consider this in the Indian context.

What is the value of coworking?

1. The community who works here

The community is the greatest value of any coworking space.

Where else can you find such a diverse pool of talent under one roof? When you cowork you gain access to instant feedback, referrals and inquiries from fellow coworkers and their network of contacts.

2. Cost-sharing

A coworking space taps into the collective buying power of its members to provide superior office infrastructure at a very reasonable price.

Your membership gets you a receptionist, a conference room, air conditioning and a host of other amenities.

Here is what coworkers think of their coworking experience

The following insight is based on the 2nd & 3rd Global Coworking Surveys...

Most loved coworking principles

Ranked by popularity.

  1. Community
  2. Openness
  3. Independence
  4. Cooperation
  5. Wellness
  6. Sustainability
  7. Equality (in status)

Top reasons for joining a coworking space

  1. A social or enjoyable atmosphere
  2. A community
  3. Interaction with others
  4. Good office infrastructure
  5. Knowledge-sharing
  6. Good value for money
  7. Random discoveries and opportunities
  8. Flexible work times
  9. Interdisciplinary work
  10. An easy-to-change workspace

Interactions among coworkers ranked by frequency

  1. Casual small talk
  2. Enjoying each other's company
  3. Sharing knowledge & advice
  4. Sharing contacts
  5. Moral support
  6. Brainstorming new ideas
  7. Feedback
  8. Referring job & project opportunities
  9. Quick fixes
  10. Common meals
  11. Collaboration on projects

Who usually works here?

Freelancer, entrepreneurs, remote workers and micro-teams.

This includes web professionals, writers, startups, social entrepreneurs, designers, artists, architects, consultants, accountants, and a lot of other interesting people.

Aditi - Coworker and mother of 2

"What excites me the most about the Working Company is the interesting people I got to meet and learn from. That would not have happened otherwise. It provides an excellent platform to network with awesome people that actually added value to my creativity and productivity."

- Abhik
Analytics Specialist at Infibeam

Is coworking right for me?

If you work from home, a tiny office or coffeeshops (gasp), coworking can help...

#1 Working from home is hard. Really hard.

  • House chores hurt productivity.
  • Relatives vye for attention.
  • Pasti/sabzi/doodh/[anything]walla keep coming.
  • TV beckons with dozens of programming channels.
  • Work/life balance is hard to maintain.
  • Stimulating work conversations are scarce.

#2 A tiny solitary office is lonely & costly.

  • Entering an empty office every day is a real downer.
  • Paying for the upkeep of an entire office is wasteful if all you need is a handful of desks.
  • You see the same few faces everyday .
  • You miss out on the excitement and stimulation of the bustling office space.
  • It's a big commitment: typically 3 months of security deposit with an 11-month lock-in period.

#3 Coffeeshops are crazy.

  • It's awkward to hold up a table during peak hours.
  • You feel obliged to order something.
  • It's too hectic for productive business meetings.
  • Tables are usually tiny.
  • Loud TV & music make it difficult to concentrate.
  • Internet connectivity is unavailable or spotty at best.